Can't set up "User" account & Don't know Administrator Passr

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The S netbook is NOT an Apple product and was never intended to run Mac OSX. Fortunately, enthusiasts have found ways to make OSX run on our netbook. However, the process may not be smooth for some. Make sure you have patience and time to get it to run. Most importantly, motivation to read and learn. This forum contains enough information to get OSX running. Most problems you may encounter can be solved just by reading through the forums or searching. So please take the time and read through the forums!

Can't set up "User" account & Don't know Administrator Passr

Postby ljx » Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:34 am

Hi All,

I recently installed SL on my Lenovo S10e using the 1.1.17 Enabler.

Everything went fine with the install, except now that i want to load some software, I can't — because it always asks for an Administrator password.

The thing is, I never got a "log on" screen that asks for a name and password. No set up assistant screen appeared.

When I go into accounts to create a new user, I can't because it asks for the Administrator password...and I have no idea what that is!! :(

Does anybody know what has happened here, and how I can fix it?

Any advice appreciated.

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