Thinkpad Netbook!!! Proper-Lenovo Uber-Business-Netbook!

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Thinkpad Netbook!!! Proper-Lenovo Uber-Business-Netbook!

Postby Dave_T » Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:56 am

G'day guys,

Lenovo's netbooks so far have been ideapads, and I love my s10-3, but for doing proper work I can see form over function design; especially the track pad and the integrated left/right click. After owning a Thinkpads for years, I can say they really are the best for no frills business tasks, unfortunately thought they don't make a netbook...but wait, THEY DO :)

Check this out: ... g-1777945/

This is a modified mini 10 with an atom processor; it's a custom order for New South Wales High-school kids in Australia. You can see typical Thinkpad engineering, and best of all a decent track pad and buttons! This is sweet, but since it's a custom order by the Australian government the general public can't order one (unless your a school kid lol).

But if your keen, and a serious aficionado check this out: ... _500wt_950

Perhaps it wont be too long before all these kids graduate and start selling they're netbooks, then maybe I could get one cheap :D
Anyway, food for thought.

Cheers, Dave

P.s: If you don't know what I mean about Thinkpad design vs Ideapad, check this out: ... 65600.aspx

And here's the Australian Governments program with the details on these "laptops": ... aptops.php
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